Still single ? We have the solution for you in one word: Tinder

It’s summer, the period during which we often have a blues especially when you spend the holidays alone while you are surrounded by couples. We are here and we will guide you through the immensity of the internet to find the best app that will allow you to find the one that you need.

Our latest find: Tinder

We recently tried a new application that allows geo-localized encounters. Tinder (link) is presented as The new app with a future that looks promising in the Hexagon. It is at the same time a Game and a Dating App. You are told everything on the subject.

As you already know, more and more, the future of dating is in the applications available on smartphones and Tinder is no exception to the rule. The app is available on Google Play Store and on Apps Store and can be downloaded for free. Once installed on your phone, some personal information like that of your Facebook page is recovered by the application but all your data remains protected and private. In particular, she will need your profile picture with two or three more besides, your name, your hobbies and tastes as well as your list of friends.

In seconds and without much effort, you already have your loan profile. All you have to do is start your adventure on Tinder and find interesting profiles. Continue reading “Still single ? We have the solution for you in one word: Tinder”

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A New Application to Find Threesomes Near You

Tinder, to meet people, it’s nice, but “unfortunately”, it only forms couples. For those who consider that “the more we are crazy, the more we laugh”, there is now Feeld, an application that can find Threesomes, as well with couples, that between singles. Continue reading “A New Application to Find Threesomes Near You”

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