It’s summer, the period during which we often have a blues especially when you spend the holidays alone while you are surrounded by couples. We are here and we will guide you through the immensity of the internet to find the best app that will allow you to find the one that you need.

Our latest find: Tinder

We recently tried a new application that allows geo-localized encounters. Tinder (link) is presented as The new app with a future that looks promising in the Hexagon. It is at the same time a Game and a Dating App. You are told everything on the subject.

As you already know, more and more, the future of dating is in the applications available on smartphones and Tinder is no exception to the rule. The app is available on Google Play Store and on Apps Store and can be downloaded for free. Once installed on your phone, some personal information like that of your Facebook page is recovered by the application but all your data remains protected and private. In particular, she will need your profile picture with two or three more besides, your name, your hobbies and tastes as well as your list of friends.

In seconds and without much effort, you already have your loan profile. All you have to do is start your adventure on Tinder and find interesting profiles.

Dating on Tinder: understanding how the application works

Why Tinder looks like Facebook? You are probably wondering why this question and what brings the two together. Here’s the answer: Do you remember the very beginning of Facebook? We refresh your memory. Initially, the Facebook site was created by young students to compare the sexiest photos on campus and Internet users voted themselves.

In the same vein, Tinder is a gaming app where you’ll get a list of girl profiles based on geolocation. All profiles presented are close to you with a perimeter between 10 and 100km. Thus, you will meet people living in the same neighborhood or in the same region as you.

Using the app, you will see a photo of a single girl and the characteristics of her profile (name, age, common hobbies) and you will have a choice to make. You will have two options:

∙ Rate the profile with a little heart like on Instagram to say that you are interested

∙ Zap the profile to indicate that you are not attracted

And so on for each of the profiles that are presented to you. What we find interesting is that Tinder offers a simple and fun approach as a dating site. In addition, it provides a repertoire of single well provided.

The main advantage of using Tinder: discretion

Most of the time, Internet users find it difficult to engage in dating sites or dating applications and for good reason, they are afraid of being disappointed and receiving negative answers. It must be said that it is not very encouraging and that it does not improve morale.

No worries to be made on this side on Tinder. You will not take rakes. Indeed, the one who attracted you will not be aware as long as she loves me will not have put a heart to you. As soon as the attraction is reciprocal, the application will allow you to chat freely on the messenger. In summary, here’s what to remember:

∙ 1st case: you like the profile, it does not: neither will be informed of the choice of the other

∙ 2nd case: you zap the profile, she likes yours: neither will be informed of the choice of the other

∙ 3rd case: you are both interested: the application puts you in contact and gives you access to the messaging

Above all, as you understand, your profile plays a vital role and it is important to choose it. To get good results on Tinder, we give you some tips.

Create a profile that works and grab the attention from the first contact on Tinder

The profile picture on your Facebook page is the very first image of you that you give on Tinder. You must therefore pay attention to the choice of your photos. Choose photos or you appear clearly so think about the quality of the photos. Do not hesitate to invest to take photos at a professional to get a better chance of having likes on your profile.

Take pictures with simple poses without glasses. No changes too important otherwise your appointment will soon realize the deception. You can also opt for an avatar of yourself on Photoshop or

Also look after your look so no clothes that show too much skin even if you are muscular wish. Choose casual outfits and pay attention to detail as women are pretty picky.

Also, do not hesitate to show yourself practicing one of your hobbies. We advise you to be original and relaxed. Do not be too serious and be imaginative but be careful not to look weird and wacky. In your catch, be careful not to make a misspelling and be original in your way of writing.

A woman will take about less than a second to get an opinion on you so give yourself the means to successfully complete your description.


Get an appointment quickly with some tips

As soon as you get in touch with the girl you’re interested in, you need to make sure she’s interested so you can keep the conversation with her. Be simple in your writing and add a touch of humor, you will earn a few more points.

To begin, you can talk to him about your commonalities or your hobbies in common to start a conversation. This is a good starting point that will allow you to learn more about it and to be able to reveal a little about yourself. Even if you do not have anything in common, you can start the conversation on one of the points of his profile, for example: “Hi, nice to meet you. You practice surfing, myself I’ve never done. How did you start? Or again: “Hi, this is the first time I meet a girl who loves classical literature, could you tell me which book has the most marked you? “.

The idea is to be able to talk with the person, and afterwards, they will also be able to ask you questions about yourself and your hobbies or you can continue on another topic.

Do not go too fast and let the conversation take its course. We advise you to start with the other person and then talk about yourself and avoid starting on your own. The one you are chatting with has already read your teaser so do not bother to tell him everything you have written. Try to deepen the topics already mentioned. In case you have points of divergence, try to get around the subject by pushing the conversation to another side in a subtle way.

Try to be friendly, charming, interesting without doing too much and you will be successful. You will see that she will be interested enough to want to meet you.

In summary

Should we be interested in Tinder? Our answer is yes. This app has it all. Simple to use and playful, it allows you to meet people near you or at your place of vacation and you have a multitude of profiles available. So you have the opportunity to simply flirt or look for a more serious relationship.