Siti gratuiti di incontri per adulti per incontri sessuali e annunci personali

A volte, stai solo cercando di essere fortunato, e se sei tu adesso, non c’è assolutamente nulla di sbagliato in questo. Invece di un partner serio, hai bisogno di un collegamento soddisfacente, casual o persino di una notte. Se sei appena uscito da una relazione o hai bisogno di un po ‘di tempo per concentrarti su te stesso, ti è permesso di essere un po’ egoista di tanto in tanto. Non importa chi tu sia, va bene passare attraverso le fasi con il tuo unico interesse essere un buon sesso vecchio stile, senza attaccamenti, che arriccia i piedi. Continue reading “Siti gratuiti di incontri per adulti per incontri sessuali e annunci personali”

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How Lovoo Works and How Much it Costs

Lovoo is a mobile dating site. Lovoo is used by its members mainly via the smartphone, via app. However, Lovoo is not only a pure dating app, but also wants to give its users the ability to quickly and easily make new friends. Continue reading “How Lovoo Works and How Much it Costs”

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How To Ask For A Threesome When You Are in a Relationship

This is one of the things that parents do not talk to you about (at least in normal people) and despite your insatiable curiosity about threesomes, you have not had the chance to take the plunge yet. Do not worry, because like 92% of people think about it. And you know what ? It does not matter.
Why ? Because this article lists all the best techniques that will help you succeed in your threesomes better than anyone else. There you will find the keys so that threesome is for you a great experience. Continue reading “How To Ask For A Threesome When You Are in a Relationship”

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3 Personals Ads Sites That Really Work

The offer of adult personals ads online has become so important in recent years on the Internet, it is difficult today to sort between sites that work and those who bring nothing and wasted your time . In this article, I’m going to tell you about 3 sites for adult personals ads that really work, and that will bring you all the women you want, on a set and right next to you! Continue reading “3 Personals Ads Sites That Really Work”

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3nder the Dating Application for Threesomes

The development of the internet had the effect, among other things, to simplify meetings and today, there is an application to find the partner of your choice whatever your desires are. Whether sexual, culinary or tourist, you will always have an app ready for you. to move away from loneliness. We propose you to discover today an application that is all the rage in the United States, 3nder, the application that promotes threesomes, a practice that has more and more the preference of Americans. And you, duo, trio or group? Continue reading “3nder the Dating Application for Threesomes”

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Still single ? We have the solution for you in one word: Tinder

It’s summer, the period during which we often have a blues especially when you spend the holidays alone while you are surrounded by couples. We are here and we will guide you through the immensity of the internet to find the best app that will allow you to find the one that you need.

Our latest find: Tinder

We recently tried a new application that allows geo-localized encounters. Tinder (link) is presented as The new app with a future that looks promising in the Hexagon. It is at the same time a Game and a Dating App. You are told everything on the subject.

As you already know, more and more, the future of dating is in the applications available on smartphones and Tinder is no exception to the rule. The app is available on Google Play Store and on Apps Store and can be downloaded for free. Once installed on your phone, some personal information like that of your Facebook page is recovered by the application but all your data remains protected and private. In particular, she will need your profile picture with two or three more besides, your name, your hobbies and tastes as well as your list of friends.

In seconds and without much effort, you already have your loan profile. All you have to do is start your adventure on Tinder and find interesting profiles. Continue reading “Still single ? We have the solution for you in one word: Tinder”

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A New Application to Find Threesomes Near You

Tinder, to meet people, it’s nice, but “unfortunately”, it only forms couples. For those who consider that “the more we are crazy, the more we laugh”, there is now Feeld, an application that can find Threesomes, as well with couples, that between singles. Continue reading “A New Application to Find Threesomes Near You”

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Mobile learning: the revolution of professional training?

Mobile Learning for Single Location Enterprise

$ 12.2 billion. This is the estimate of the global mobile learning market by the end of 2017. Annual growth of more than 50%. Beyond the numbers, this learning modality could revolutionize learning.

Mobile learning modifies learning methods

Thanks to mobile learning, the employee develops his skills via a mobile tool that can be a smartphone or a tablet. Access to knowledge is facilitated because it allows training “just in time”: when the employee needs it and is available. Which has implications for content and formats. Continue reading “Mobile learning: the revolution of professional training?”

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How to promote engagement on Instagram? Using Cinemagraphs

Impossible to escape the phenomenon Cinemagraph, these “living photos” that we see most of the time on social networks. He likes it a lot, especially on Instagram, and allows brands to make a different StoryTelling.

The format is not new since it was invented in 2011 by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, two American image professionals (, who wanted to animate their fashion photos taken during the famous Fashion Weeks. Today, the “Cinemagraph” format is particularly popular because, more than ever, we are invited to take our time, to slow down and to contemplate the images. The trend “Slow Life” fits perfectly with this new image format. Continue reading “How to promote engagement on Instagram? Using Cinemagraphs”

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The Best Time to Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …

Instagram on Mondays, LinkedIn on Tuesdays and Facebook on weekends … Discover the best shooting windows for your social marketing strategy.

Each social network has its best shooting window, according to a study of the CoSchedule platform, formatted in an infographic by our partner Statista. Monday and Thursday are the best days to post on Instagram. Continue reading “The Best Time to Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …”

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